What We Are About


Feels like everyone sells the same stuff these days. Finding dog products with character and class is very hard work. Before you know it, you've wasted the entire weekend, only to give up and buy what everyone else has.

We Get It

True dog fashion is so hard to find, let alone custom outfits! We've been there! You want a higher level of fashion your everyday pet shop doesn't offer..

Creating high end and sometimes extravegent dog fashion is why Swanky Paws was born. Tired of the same old weary products taking a month to be delivered we decided to do something about it and create alternative dog accessories made fast.
"If your dog isn't a member of the family you wouldn't understand"
3 Dachshunds wearing fancy Swarovski covered dog accessories


The inspiration came from the Glamour of Broadway. So we got to work on enabling dogs to be as glamorous as their human owners. The hardest part was ensuring all the "extras" added like Swarovski crystals, would last on dogs.

Another challenge was how to retrain our seamstresses to specialise in dogs. 2 legs is very different to 4! After years of dedication and lots learning, we consider ourselves as experts in dog fashion industry. We also pride ourselves on delivering orders fast so you don't miss that important day.

Never Stop

Since it's birth Swanky Paws has never stopped learning new ways to bring fashion to dogs. We don't care if it's never been done before we like a challenge.

2019/20 has been our biggest time so far with thousands of customers enjoying our accessories and custom made outfits all around the world. It's humbling to see dogs wearing Swanky Paws outfits at all special times in peoples lives.
Very cute toy poodle showing off a small magenta sailor bow from Swanky Paws. It also has the name

What's Next

This year we plan to release a whole new line of fashion. Extending in to collars, harnesses and many other lines. Also in 2020 our customers will be incredibly pleased to hear our Swarovski Covered leather collars will be making a return!

Blog Posts

As experts in the dog fashion industry we have learnt a lot in our time in business. We thrive in our glamorous dog world and it’s a passion of ours to provide helpful tips and tricks. Check out our blog for the latest info on fashion tips, dog industry news and helpful information with new posts going live weekly.


Swanky Paws sells lots of dog fashion apparel products such as bow ties, bandanas, hoodies etc. We also have products like dog bowls and collars so there is something for everyone. Custom made outfits is a luxurious specialty of ours.

Be sure to keep an eye out for limited editions and decorative goods for the home and pet closet.