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Getting your pet an identification tag (I.D. for short) is a great idea but is often overlooked! To help everyone understand the importance of using an ID tag for all pets, we have compiled the top 9 reasons to make the choice very simple! 


1) Lost Pets Often Don't Return-

This might shock you but roughly 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their life and 90% of these lost animals never make it home without ID!

It’s probably very obvious but the best reason for having a Tag is so if you’re pet is lost, they can be easily identified and returned. Speaking from personal experience we had a beagle that was an escape artist. She managed to get out about 5 times one year and we were incredibly thankful each time she was found we were contacted and picked her up!

2) Calm The Lost Dog-

If your pet manages to escape, after the adventure is over they are likely to be very scared and possibly even a bit aggressive towards strangers. Having a tag is very useful to allow the people trying to help to know the dogs name. Just calling the pets name can really calm it down, which is important in a lost dog situation.

Chocolate coloured dachshund looking at the camera showing off their Swarovski Bling collar from Swanky Paws

3) Avoid Pound Fees-

 If you’re does get lost and found but there is no way to contact you (the owner), the next option is to take the dog to the pound. Pounds are going to charge you for the time the dog spends there as well as a few fees depending if the pet’s been registered properly or not.

Cute personalised dog tag ID with pink sprinkles across it
Pink Sprinkles Print on the Custom Dog ID Tag

4) Not A Stray

Have you ever driven past a dog on the side of the road and wondered if it was a stray or not? The fact stands that if you’re pet is wearing a collar and tag, strangers are more likely to assist because they know the dog is a family pet, not a wandering stray.

5) Fashionable-

These days dog tags are SO MUCH more than they used to be. The options are endless to customise your pet ID. Swanky Paws has a range to suit everyone with printed designs that you can personalise with the pets name and all the other relevant details.

Double Sided Blue Sprinkle ID Tag

6) Anti Theft-

It’s probably not something people think about but pets do get stolen. Having an ID tag that has “microchipped” on it can actually deter them being stolen by showing the dog is registered or de-sexed and no good for breeding.

7) Avoid Fines-

We explain more below below but it’s important to know it’s against the law in some states of Australia to have a dog or cat etc in public without a collar and identification tag on. No one wants a fine for something as silly as not wearing a tag.

Back Side Of Personalised Dog ID Tag

8) Medical Info & Warnings-

Another under used feature of the tags is to warn strangers to a dogs medical condition or anxiety. If your dog is blind, deaf or needs medication for example. This information is crucial to informing the people helping how to handle the dog to avoid being bitten and take care of it’s health.

9) Natural Disasters-

This kind of event is uncommon & extreme but not something most people consider. Natural events such as thunder storms and strong winds can often scare pets off and even give them strength to jump fences you never thought possible. Fear is a strong reaction and if you never put a collar and tag on the pet because you never thought they would get out think again, it happens all the time.

The Law 

A fairly unknown law in NSW, is all pets that travel outside of their private property, must be wearing a collar and tag of identification. (Except for working dogs). If you don’t, you risk getting a fine between $880-$5,500. From personal experience this is not a law that many know of and we have have never heard of anyone getting a fine for it. However, no one wants to be the first!

The main reason dogs and cats etc are required to wear a collar and identification is as a precaution encase they get lost or are involved in an incident like attack or hit by a car etc. Either way law aside, it’s definitely going to make life easier in all those situations if your pet has one.

 As for the rest of Australia, each state has it’s own laws. For example Queensland only requires a regulated dog to wear a tag in public.


Whether your pet is an inside cat or an outside dog, all pets need an ID tag. There is many different varieties to choose from to suit all ranges of budget so there really is something for everyone.

Here at Swanky Paws we offer high quality, double sided and printed Pet ID tags, made custom to your requirements in just a day or 2. They are made right here in Australia. To check out our range please click the link below or if you still have questions, contact us at anytime.

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