Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch 2021

Event Info- ** UPDATE- Re-scheduled to Oct 2022 **

Date & Time- 7th November, Pier One Sydney, 430-730pm

Project Collaboration- Studio1000 Photography Australia x Swanky Paws

Donations To Charity- RSPCA NSW

Hosts Of Launch Event- Swanky Paws

Event Major Sponsors- Pier One Sydney

Tickets- Eventbrite

What Is The Swanky Paws Charity Book?

The Swanky Paws Charity Book is a professional coffee table book filled with 100+ dogs dressed and photographed in doggy fashion. All of the dogs have been photographed at Studio1000 Photography Australia’s luxury studio in Penrith. The aim of the book is to raise money for RSPCA NSW via donations made by owners to have their dogs feature in the book, book sales, launch event tickets & raffle tickets. It also is a great COVID safe way to spend time and create timeless memories with your best friend.

All profits from ticket & raffle sales is 100% donated to RSPCA NSW

Massive prizes will be won and auctioned at the swanky paws charity book event

Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch Event

You’ve never seen a dog event as exclusive and fun as this before!

Limited to just 250 guests, the coveted Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch is guaranteed to be the best 3hrs for any dog lover in 2021. Toast and cheers on Sydney Harbour with Drinks & Canapes at the iconic Pier One Sydney while being entertained with never before seen dog photography and jaw dropping doggy fashion.

All the dogs have been photographed and edited by Studio1000, ready for their big reveal and 5 seconds of fame to the adoring crowd. The launch is where the book and all it’s images will be revealed for the first time! 

How It Started

Mark from Studio1000 called our team at Swanky Paws, to run the idea of combining studio photography with dog fashion for over 100 dogs. 

The Idea: Use all the pictures taken to create a professional coffee table book and use the money raised to donate to RSPCA NSW. 

The Purpose: Helping dogs in need while also providing dog lovers the rare opportunity to celebrate their dogs in a COVID safe way, through photography and fashion. Having lifelong memories with their dog in a book published worldwide is a bonus!

The Event: All the pictures have been taken, edited and put together to create the most amazing look book. Time to celebrate in style by getting as many dog lovers together as we can for drinks, canapes and a massive night of entertainment including a book reveal slideshow and exclusive doggy fashion runway.

The doggy fashion runway will feature the best outfits from the book and beyond for serious style and laughs

Entertainment At The Launch

To ensure the night is one to remember, we have brought in the big guns!

– Much anticipated book cover reveal + book photos slideshow– Studio1000 Photography Australia

– Doggy Fashion Runway- It’s never been done like this before in Australia! Featuring some of the most extravagent outfits ever made, the runway will showcase some outfits from the book plus more never before seen. – Swanky Paws

– Massive Raffle- Over $5,000 worth of prizes going to lucky winners. 100% of all profits from ticket sales & raffle tickets being donated to RSPCA NSW

Plus Much More– There is many more exciting things planned, you will just have to come and see for yourself!

The Difference We Can Make

The RSPCA NSW does amazing work for all kinds of animals, not just dogs. We asked them what the funds donated can do and this is what they said-

  • $5 could help pay for treats to assist with training dogs readying them for adoption
  • $10 could provide an enrichment toy to keep an abused kitten happy and engaged whilst at our shelter
  • $18 could provide an unwanted dog with a safe bed and a toy this Winter
  • $250 could help keep one of our brave inspectors on the road fighting animal cruelty
  • $1000 could provide surgery to an animal suffering from a patella fracture, easing their pain
  • $103 could pay for microchipping for ten dogs so that they can be reunited with their family

The Photography

Absolutely all of the photography, editing and book design has been done by the amazing Studio 1000 staff at their exclusive studio in Penrith, NSW.  It’s more work than anyone realises because dogs can be very difficult to photograph. Throughout this project the photographers and staff at Studio1000 have continued to improve their skills with dogs to a level they can be considered amongst the best in Australia.

The Dog Fashion

All of the dog fashion was hand made Swanky Paws. Some of the products are standard products but most of the exclusive fashion was made as one off pieces specifically for the charity book. We worked with the dog owners from the book to try and capture the dogs personality, flair and best look to suit!

Swarovski dress on Christa Billich's Chihuahua Charlie red feathers

Making A Dog Look Book Is Hard Work

Making a book filled with dogs wasn’t without challenges, that’s for sure!

In the doggy fashion arena, creating custom outfits sounds simple, but it’s definitely NOT! Working with different fabrics and creating newly shaped clothing from scratch is far from an easy task. Dogs are very different to humans because they have 2 extra legs and their bodies are horizontal, not vertical.

Working out how to create the outfits and use the owners creative thoughts alone caused many of headaches. After lots of late nights, we rose to the challenge and we are super excited to do it all over again on the next book! The results speak for themselves.


Red carpet for dachshunds at the Swanky Paws Charity Book Event Launch

How It Raised Money

All participants who had their dog photographed paid a $75 donation fee which was 100% donated to RSPCA NSW. A major donation was also made by Christa Billich which paid for 10x pages in the book for RSPCA dogs and volunteers. The goal to help with finding dogs new homes.

On top of the money raised via entrants in the book, 10% off all book sales and 100% of profits from the launch event tickets & raffle prizes are also being donated to RSPCA NSW.

The project has already raised $7500 to date and we hope to double this by the time it’s finished!

The Raffle

The raffle is set to be one of the best at an Australian dog event to date-

So far we have over $5,000 worth of prizes and climbing! Just to name a few

  • Complete Photography Session, Hair & Makeup + 10x Images- ($2645) Studio1000 Photography Australia
  • Bags Of Dog Food- ($750) 6x12Kg Bags- Mans Best
  • Swarovski Crystal Dog Pack- ($600 Collar, Leash & Bow) Swanky Paws
  • 1 Night Stay Puppy Package- ($439) Pier One, Sydney
  • RSPCA Behind The Scenes Tour- (Yagoona) RSPCA NSW
  • Wedding Dog Chaperone Voucher- ($350) Pets As Guests
Plus much, much more! May the best paw win!


Without these amazing sponsors the event simply would not have been possible!!

Sponsors Include: Pier One Sydney, Pets As Guests, Fido’s, TRUEECO, Woof Gateaux, Billich Gallery, The VIP Sydney, Social Diary, Coffee SelectorsMans Best, Pupsy, Dog Friendly Co, RSPCA NSW, 

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