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  • "Mrs Prick" dog sailor bow with little cacti across a pink background

    Mrs Prick Dog Sailor Bow

  • "Mr Prick" dog sailor bow featuring little cacti figures across a sapphire background

    Mr Prick Dog Sailor Bow

  • "Boho Rainbow" dog bow tie with the cute boho print

    Boho Rainbow Dog Sailor Bow

  • Sapphire colour dog bow tie

    Sapphire Dog Bow Tie

  • Lime coloured dog bow tie made from soft velvet

    Lime Dog Bow Tie

  • This dog bow tie features little pineapple wit sunglasses across a lime coloured background called "Cool Pineapple"

    Dog Bow Tie- Cool Pineapple

  • Pink dog bow tie with little cacti figures across it called "Mrs Prick"

    Dog Bow Tie- Mrs Prick

  • Cute dog bow tie with little Cacti across a blue background. "Mr Prick" is a blue bow tie

    Dog Bow Tie- Mr Prick

  • Boho rainbow dog bow tie on a green velvet

    Dog Bow Tie- Boho Rainbow

  • Incredible multi coloured blue dog bow tie called Paradise Island

    Paradise Island Dog Bow Tie

  • Beautiful green dog bow tie made for Christmas

    Green Dog Bow Tie

  • Gold firework vinyl design for new years eve on a black dog sailor bow. Also features swarovski crystals on top to shine
  • Light blue dog leash made from beautiful soft blue leather and comfortable suede lining on the inside
  • "I am a rescue" dog bandana for rescue dogs to let the world know. It's glitter gold vinyl pops against the black cotton fabric

    “I Am A Rescue” Bandana

  • "It's My Gotcha Day!" Dog bandana for when you first bring the puppy home. Soft blue cotton with snaps at the back to fasten

    Gotcha Day Bandana- Blue

  • Custom birthday dog bandana where you can add the dogs age to the lilac bandana
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