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  • Cute red dog birthday bandana with "its pawty time" done in white vinyl with little balloons. Great for any dog party!

    It’s Pawty Time Bandana

  • "Mistletoe Tester" dog bandana made for Christmas with green cotton with red and gold vinyl design for any size dog

    Mistletoe Tester Bandana

  • Dog bow tie made for the Christmas spirit with a "Candy Cane" print in red and white lines.
  • Front side of the pink sailor dog bow. Luxury light pink pastel velvet in the sailor dog bow shape

    Pink Sailor Bow

  • Black leather dog collar made in Australia from premium leather and soft suede lining for dogs

    Black Leather Dog Collar

  • Designer leather dog leash all curled up from Swanky Paws

    Baby Pink Leather Dog Leash

  • Cute dog bow for Christmas with a red and white candy cane design sailor bow tie. Red and white is a classic candy cane design
  • Light blue sailor dog bow tie front side showing the vibrant velvet colour.

    Light Blue Sailor Bow

  • Blue sprinkle sailor bow tie with a blue background and rainbow sprinkles across design

    Blue Sprinkles Sailor Bow

  • Black leather dog leash with silver hardware and soft leather and suede backing

    Black Leather Dog Leash

  • Navy blue dog tuxedo bandana with 3 buttons and a soft velvet bow tie

    Navy Tuxedo Bandana

  • Puppychino packaging for a yummy dog treat from L'Barkery. Original Flavour
  • Birthday boy text on the blue background with cakes and little fireworks. Very cute doggy print for boys

    Birthday Boy Sailor Bow

  • Cream/tan tux bandana for dogs. Perfect for formal occasions with its tan sides and bow tie with buttons and chest shirt

    Cream Tuxedo Bandana

  • Rose Dog Bow Tie

  • Rose sailor dog bow tie front size with luxury velvet

    Rose Sailor Bow

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