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Dog Bandana Safety

When fitting the Bow to your dog there is a few safety points to consider.

1- Don’t Leave The Dog Un-Supervised

We all know dogs can do crazy things at times we never thought possible! Play it safe and don’t leave them unattended with the Bow.

2- If Damaged Don’t Continue Using It

If the Bow is ever damaged its best not to continue using it. There is multiple things the dog can choke on once damaged such as the fabric or Crystals. For this reason best to not use once damaged or contact Swanky Paws for a repair.

3- No Swimming Or Near Flames

Do not let your dog swim with the Bow or go near naked flames etc. Common sense will go a long way for keeping your dog safe.

Swanky Paws accept no liability for any loss or injury caused to your dog by the use of any of our products.

Be safe!

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