Promotional Dog Bandanas for business with custom logo in bulk order

Promotional Dog Bandanas Australia


We have everything you need to create the perfect promotional dog bandana.

Everything we sell has been made in Australia to high quality. Often we aren’t just faster than China we are cheaper too!

That’s it we will be in contact to go over the order, confirm the design and take payment.

Things to consider when ordering Dog Bandanas in Bulk-

1) Chose whether to use Vinyl or Print. 

Neither it “better” it just depends on what effect you are looking to achieve as well as budget and order size.



Vinyl is a cheaper option for single colour designs. How it works is a film like a normal sticker applied to the bandana with heat and pressure. The advantage of this option is that you can chose a range of effects like matte, gloss, sparkles & rainbow effects etc. The disadvantage is unless its a digitally printed vinyl you only see more simple outlines like the pics below. The best part about vinyl is it can go on just about any fabric including cotton, polyester, stretchy and non stretchy. 

Digital Print

If your logo or design includes something like multiple colours or an image then digital print is the way to go. The most cost effective way to do this is with polyester fabric and you can do the logo across the centre with a white back round. For an additional cost you can cover the whole bandana with an edge to edge design. With this option its digitial so any print or photograph etc is possible but unlike vinyl you cant get glitter or reflective effects.



We have a range of finishes available depending on the intended purpose for the bandanas. If it’s a one off use for promotional purposes only for eg you may opt for the cheapest finish which is a single layer of fabric, the logo printed in the centre and the top edge stitched for neatness. This option allows for a professional look at a budget price! It’s not designed for long term use though and the un stitched edges would eventually fray. If you wish to get many re uses then opt to have all 3 edges stitched and it will be re usable for a long time to come.

The other option which is more expensive but at a much higher standard is to do a double layered bandana. The main reason for this is to allow a double sided design and also the edges can have hidden stitching for the mega high quality look.


As with everything in life the higher quality finishes cost more money and the larger the order size the cheaper the price.

Our cheapest option is digital print logo 10x8cm on white polyester with the top side stitched. Min order 100






2000+ please contact for prices

We have a bulk bandana option suitable for everyone. Get in contact with us today via email info@swankypaws.com.au or call for any questions. Alternatively we have an instant chat on the website you can use anytime!


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