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Finding a company to work with to create promotion dog materials is not easy in Australia. Very little products can be manufactured here because of the cost of labour, normally we just cannot compete with overseas.

However, throughout the last year we were able to create the perfect product for promotion and branding for businesses that does compete and in many cases works out cheaper, dog bandanas! The best part is that most volumes of orders are made 100% in Australia. It’s not until you get to very large quantities we use trusted and reliable off shore manufacturers.

The reason promotional dog bandanas are so good is the cost is incredibly low and the branding you gain from dogs wearing these is as good as it gets. It’s like a billboard on the front of the dogs chest or back depending on how they wear it.

Things to consider when ordering Dog Bandanas in Bulk-

The first decision is an important one.

Fabric-  Cotton or Polyester

We offer a range of fabrics that have different qualities depending on what the desired use is of the bandana and budget.

Polyester (Recommended)- 

This is by far the most used because it is the cheapest and offers lots of different options. Options include stretch, non stretch, gloss, matte and more. 


Cotton is a great natural fabric but it does come with more expensive production costs if you plan to print (often up to 2-3x). If you however want the logo done in vinyl, choosing cotton will not effect the price.

Logo- Vinyl, Print, Screen Print or Tag


All of these options will achieve the same result. It depends on the volume, the fabric and the desired finish as to which is most suitable.

Digital Print (Recommended)-

When paired with a 100% polyester fabric, this is the cheapest option and also comes with faster turn arounds and vibrant digital printing of the logo and background. It works with stretchy and non stretchy polyester only.

If your logo or design includes something like multiple colours or an image then digital print is the way to go. You have the option to print the entire bandana with your logo and background design, or, for further cost saving consider using a white background with just your logo in the centre approx. 12cm x 12cm big. This is by far the cheapest option for promotional dog bandana production.


Vinyl is a good option if you intend to do a small run with a single colour design. It also works great on both cotton and polyester. Also it goes on stretchy and non stretchy fabric.

How it works is a film (like a normal sticker) is applied to the bandana with heat and pressure. The advantage of this option is that you can chose a range of effects like matte, gloss, sparkles & rainbow effects etc. The disadvantage is the logo or text needs to be relatively simple in it’s design. If it has too many fine details, when the vinyl is cut it won’t do it properly.

Screen Print-

Basically how it works is a template is made with your design and held over the bandana with gaps where the ink is intended to go. The ink is pushed in to fabric and left to dry before the process is repeated with the next colour.

This option is a great for large production runs and on Cotton fabric. The advantage is that once the initial set up is taken care of, many units can be done with the design for a very cheap price.

The set up however is expensive and does not become a cost effective option until in the 1000s of units. Another very important thing to consider is the amount of colours in the design. Each time a new colour is added, it increases the production time and cost.


Tags are simple a small square or rectangle piece of fabric that’s stitched in to the bandana edge. This leaves space on the bandana for design work as opposed to the branding taking up the attention on the centre of the bandana. This can be done in addition to the logo on the bandana in one of the other methods.

Tags do have a minimum volume in order to be made. As with all steps, the more tags ordered the cheaper they get.

Sewing Finishes-

We have a range of finishes available depending on the intended purpose for the bandanas.

Overlock (Recommended)-

This option features a neat and visible stitch the whole way around the bandana. It is the most cost effective solution and also comes with great turn around times. Basically the machine will interweave 3-5threads on the outside of the bandana which stops it from fraying.


With this option the edges of the bandana are folded over and then a straight stitch is run the whole way along the outside. This keeps the exposed edge prone to fraying at the back of the bandana and leaves a nice folded edge on the front. It is more expensive in labour than overlocking though.

Single or Double Sided-

Depending on the purpose of the bandana will determine which is best.


Single Sided (Recommended)-

If the bandana is intended for single use than single sided is cost effective and the best choice. Even for multiple use bandanas, for branding only one side is needed.

Double Sided-

If you require 2 designs to be on the one bandana, than you can do a design on both sides and create a reversible bandana. It’s cheaper to make one bandana reversible than it is to make 2 separate bandanas. For most instances 2 sides is not required and this would apply more to someone wanting to create a product that is re used multiple times as opposed branding at an event.


Example Price-

2 French bulldogs wearing their red promotional dog bandana for charity Petember
Digital Printed, Polyester & Overlocked Promotional Dog Bandanas

These prices are for our most used and cost effective solution for promotional dog bandanas. The intended purpose is send to dogs to wear for Instagram photos or to be handed out at event to name a few.

Non-Stretch Polyester, Overlocked, Fully Covered Digital Print and Single Side.

Min order 50- Small- $5.02 Large- $5.44

100- Small- $4.86 Large- $5.22

250- Small- $4.69 Large- $5.04

500- Small- $4.52 Large- $4.68

1000- Small- $4.09 Large- $4.40

2000- Small- $4.02  Large- $4.32

2000+ please contact for prices

We have a bulk bandana option suitable for everyone. Get in contact with us today via email or call 0403 739 836 for any questions.

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