Swarovski Pink Collar and Bow Swanky Australia
Pink Swarovski Dog Collar Aus
Swarovski Dog Collar Australia Pink
Pink Leather DOGUE collar used for Swarovski
Pink Swarovski Dog Bow Tie Handmade
Pink Swarovski Dog Bow Tie Back Elastic
Pink Swarovski Bow Tie Australia Made

Swarovski Pink Collar and Bow

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This Swarovski Package Includes-

- 1 Pink Swarovski Covered Collar XS-XL

- 1 Pink Swarovski Covered Velvet Bow Tie

- Express 10 Bus Day Manufacture Assurance provided in stock

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The HOLY GRAIL of personalised dog collars

Nothing about these is plain.

The Collar

The DOGUE collar is Handmade in Australia with the world’s finest leather from New Zealand. These designer dog collars are designed to provide you with maximum comfort  with the inside being super soft and the outside premium leather. Your collar will be blinged with between 100-600 crystals depending on the size which is guaranteed to make you the brightest pup at any event!

The Bow

The only way to stand out in a crowd is with bling and this bow has close to 300 hand placed genuine Swarovski Crystals. The crystal we use changes colour and catches any amount of light reflecting catching the eyes of anyone who dares look! All placed on a premium Pink Velvet Bow with elastic backing to fit all standard sizes collars.

Sizing Info

We sell our this Bow in only 1 Size as follows-

Small/Medium- 9cm long x 6.5cm wide

All hand made with love so ever so small variances are to be expected. 

The Crystals

All the crystals used on this collar are Genuine Swarovski Crystals that come from Swarovski Directly so no need to worry about cheap knock offs. As anyone who works with crystals will tell you Swarovski is a cut above the rest. In a league of their own for shine and they won't peel off the backing like the cheap ones we only use the real deal which is expensive to make but well and truly worth it for the results you can literally see from the other side of any room.

Sizing Info

We sell this collar in 5 Sizes as follows-

Extra Small- 35cm- Fits Neck 24.5-30cm, 1.5cm Width

Small- 40cm- Fits Neck 26.5-34cm, 1.5cm Width

Medium- 45cm- Fits Neck 33-41cm Necks, 1.8cm Width

Large- 55cm- Fits Neck 41-49cm, 2.5cm Width

Extra Large- 65cm- Fits Neck 49-59cm, 3cm Width

Stand Out

You Literally will never see another dog wearing these ever again (Unless they bought from us).

We 100% guarantee this collar will make everyone smile who sees it.

For the most WOW factor be sure to keep the crystals clean and watch them shimmer in the sun light.

Care Instructions

This spectacular collar is no ordinary dog collar.

This collar has been made for fashion and showing off purposes and is not made for everyday playing, dog park, beach etc use.

For a full guide of care instructions CLICK HERE


Because its a hand made item unfortunately we cannot offer a warranty. For more details click here.

Safety Tips

As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.


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