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Dog Chef Jacket- Authentic Dog Costume
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Custom Outfit/Costume

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Whats Possible?

- Fabric Of Choice

- Re Create From Photo or  Drawing

- Vinyl- 30+ Standard Colours also Special (Sparkles, Pearl, Metallic, Matte etc)

- Embroidery (Text and Logo)

- Alterations

- Add Swarovski Crystals

- Custom Printed Fabric (Huge Range of Fabrics to Make Your Own) 

No more scouring the internet for a doggy place to make your idea or project WE ARE IT!

Whether you want to copy a photo or you have an idea to spruce up your pupper for a work Trade Show or instagram photo we have the expertise and machinery to bring it to life!

This is a 1 on 1 service to help you through the process from start to finish of creating the perfect dog costume or dog outfit. You do not need to consult any other businesses we will take care of it all!

For just $10 you get to speak with one of our experienced staff about your project and we will go away and work out the cost to bring it to life. Once the quote order is placed within 2 business days someone will call the selected number to go through all the options and work out the best way forward and of course email correspondence is possible too.

Once the project goes ahead the $10 paid for the quote will come off the cost of the outfit.

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on difficulty of project turn around can be between 2-14business days. This timeframe is also impacted on response time to options. The work will not commence until the quote has been approved and paid in full.

What Can I Make?

Well that is a tough one! Just about anything. Please refer to the photos for just a few examples of custom jobs we have done for inspiration.

We are a manufacturer with access to all the machinery and professionals required to pull just about any project together!

To give a few examples we can custom make for both Dogs & Cats-

- Bandanas

- Bow Ties

- Beds

- Hoodies and Jackets

- Harnesses

- Collars and Leads

The List goes on and on so don't hesitate to get a quote from a professional

Any questions just email us at or send us a message through instagram or facebook. 

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