Amazing dog bowl with paw prints on outside edge the whole way around and blue glazing inside. Stone wear is very strong. Medium size showing from above
medium size blue stone wear dog bowl with paw prints across the side
Amazing medium size dog bowl with blue glazing in the centre making a cool effect. Stone wear is very strong and micro wave friendly
small size stone wear dog bowl showing black paw prints across the side
beautiful blue glazing inside to the outside edge showing paw prints. Dog Bowls australia made
extra small stone wear blue dog bowl has a different shape. Paw prints are on the inside edge of this bowl

Blue Ceramic Dog Bowl

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 Stone Ware Blue Dog Bowl-

- Commercial Grade Clay & Glazing

- Amazing Blue Glazed Centre

- Paw Prints Outside Edge

- Stoneware

- Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

- Handmade In Australia

- Can Last A Lifetime



Being stoneware these bowls won't chip or easily break. Nothing is indestructible but these bowls are the next best thing. Stone wear is far stronger than ceramic because of the way it's made & the extremely high temp. its fired at.

It is safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher although all 3 are not recommended for use.

If taken care of these will last a lifetime!

Each One Is Unique

Handmade right here in Australia with the finest quality ingredients!

Because each one is handmade the colour, shape and most aspects can all slightly vary! But don't worry it won't vary too much because they are made by a veteran with over 39yrs to the highest standards.

Can I Wash It?

Absolutely! Not just by hand either they are stoneware so you can even put it in the dishwasher. We don't recommend it but stoneware isn't bothered by dishwasher temperatures.


Sizing Info

We sell this Dog Bowl is currently available in 3 sizes as follows-

XS- 20cm Wide (Edge to Edge) x 2cm Deep (Inside Edge)

Hold Approx. 250-300mm

Small - 17cm Wide (Edge to Edge) x 3cm Deep (Inside Edge)

Holds Approx. 600mm

Medium- 21cm Wide (Edge to Edge) x 4cm Deep (Inside Edge)

Holds approx. 1200mm 



Please discard and replace your bowl should it ever develop cracks or break.

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