Velvet Collar



I understand this is a fashion only product


We designed this collar to be the fashion alternative to wearing a boring collar. It’s not made to be walked with but to show off the dogs personality and flair!

            WHY WE MADE THIS

Often dogs don’t need a big collar. For when they don’t leave the house, this is the perfect alternative. This collar is perfect for fashion. It’s Soft and guaranteed to bring out any dogs fashionista!


  • Free Shipping
  • Soft White Velvet
  • 4 Snaps- 10cm Adjustment
  • Extra Snap For Bows
  • 7 Sizes
  • Hand Made in Australia
  • Express Manufacture
This Velvet Collar is made to fit but does allow for 10cm of adjustment. Measure your dogs neck snug and we will the add room to move.

Order based off your dogs neck size
XS- <25cm
S- 25-30cm
M- 30-35cm
L- 35-40cm
XL- 40-45cm
2XL- 45-55cm
3XL- 55-65cm
Before adding the velvet collar to the dog, check it is the right size. Wrap it around the dogs neck and check the snaps reach each other safely, without putting pressure on the neck. You should be able to cross the collar ends past each other by a few cms comfortably, without causing pressure or discomfort to the dog. If you cannot comfortably get the necklace around the dogs neck DO NOT force it. Contact Swanky Paws immediately and we will assist with checking the sizing is correct.

To remove the velvet collar, simply pull apart the snaps holding it together.
This is for fashion purposes only. It must be supervised at all times and only be used for a short period of time during photos/display and then removed. Being a fashion product it is not designed to withstand play, walks or rough use.
As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.

This is dog a “normal” dog collar and does not include metal attachments to walk the dog. It is for fashion.