Red Swarovski Sailor




We are the only company in the world to make Swarovski Covered dog sailors. This Red Swarovski dog bow is in a class of it’s own. The reflections off the crystals are blinding, just the way pooches made to stand out like it!

The bow is made with a super soft and luxurious velvet fabric. This bow is guaranteed to silence any fashion critic.

Model Gucci wears size Small, Medium & Large

                             WHY WE MADE THIS

Because there comes a time in every persons life when they want to look their best. We understand out customers want the same for their dog. So we raised the bar!

We only use genuine Swarovski Crystals for this sailor because they produce unrivalled shine and shimmer. The bow in sunlight is practically blinding… Just the way we like it!


  • Free Shipping
  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals
  • <2100 hand placed crystals
  • Beautifully Soft Red Velvet
  • 3 Sizes
  • Hand Made In Australia
  • 2 Elastic Loops- Tight Fit
  • Hand wash cold, delicate.
  • Express Manufacture 1-10Bus Days

Swarovski Sailor Bow

The Swarovski Sailor Bow comes in 3 Sizes-
Small- 11.5cm x 9.5cm wide
Medium- 13.5cm x 12cm wide
Large- 19.5cm x 21cm wide
This Swarovski product is for fashion purposes only. It must be supervised at all times and only be used for a short period of time during photos/display and then removed. Being a fashion product it is not designed to withstand play or rough use.
Simply pull the dog collar through the elastic loops at rear of bow tie and your bow will sit up for the world to see.
The crystals will not fall off easily. We have tested this bow over many different breeds and environments with amazing success.
Our crystal products should be considered dog jewellery. If you take care of it and wear on special occasions it will last for years without losing a single crystals. Many customers wear it daily and get 6-12mnths+ without losing a single but we must stress this is not recommended and to get maximum life out of your crystal it must be treated with care.
As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.
Because of the unpredictable nature of dogs unfortunately we cannot offer a guarantee the crystals will never come off. IF your dog is big scratcher or particularly rough this will shorten the time the crystals will be able to stay on. We recommend this to dogs that are calmer and not rough players We do include a few spare crystals with your bow just encase 1 or 2 pop off. If this happens any super glue will easily get them back on. If your item is faulty we are more then happy to repair or replace it free of charge but you will be responsible for the shipping cost to return it. Also note determining if the item is faulty will be done at the discretion of Swanky Paws staff.
Your Swarovski sailor will come with instructions for cleaning.
The velvet fabric is ok to gently dab with a wet cloth, try avoid getting water near crystals.
To clean the crystals you can very gently wipe them with fragrance free baby wipes. Be sure not to apply too much pressure or get the wipes stuck under a crystal and pull it off.
If your regular “Add to cart” button has been replaced by “Pre-Order,” it means the item is sold out while more Swarovski Crystals are delivered. At it’s longest, it takes 3 weeks for more crystals to arrive, but often it’s only 1-2 weeks extra.

If the timing of the Swarovski bow is sensitive, contact Swanky Paws directly info@swankypaws.com.au
It’s best to pre-order rather than wait for stock because often there is a list of other waiting on pre-orders.
If you wait for it to come in to stock, you may find you miss out and need to wait all over again!

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