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Leopard Hoodie- Gray


  • Extras: $0.00
  • Free Shipping- Aus Wide
  • Fits Almost All Breeds- 6 Sizes
  • Easy To Wear- Pull Over
  • High Quality- Australian Hand Made
  • Warm- Double Knit Fabric
  • Good For Walking- Collar & Harness Holes
  • Fast Delivery- Fast Dispatch
  • Strong- Machine Washable
  • Great Fit- Super Stretchy Chest
  • Exclusive- Swanky Paws Only
Optional Extras
  • Personalise & Extra Thick Lining (Fleece)

Your dog will be incredibly fashionable in our exclusive Leopard print hoodie/sweater. Made from a double knit fabric for warmth and stretchy centre to help fit all body types. For super level of warmth add the fleece lining or name to personalise your dogs hoodie!

The Hoodie comes in 6 Sizes which gives an option to almost all breeds.

To see breed recommendations click “SIZE GUIDE” at top of page. Hoodies are hand made in Australia and may have slight variations.

Simply hold the hoodie open at the base and pull over the dogs head. Be careful to pull the legs through the leg hole. 

Add Name-

Select the “Add Name” button at the top and enter the text you wish to add to the pocket in white vinyl.

Extra Layer-

Select “”Add Fleece Lining” to add an inside layer to your dogs hoodie of super warm and fuzzy fleece. This is recommended for very cold weather and dogs with short hair or struggle to stay warm.

Machine Washable!

Allow to dry out of sunlight laying flat. Do not iron, place in dryer, bleach, drycleaner or use any chemicals to clean other than spot tested gentle soap.

As with all dog products its important to always take care & use common sense. Do not leave the hoodie on the dog unattended. Not suitable for children.

Be sure the hoodie fits  dog comfy & correct. Regularly inspect & replace if any part becomes damaged.

*Colours may vary slightly in person to the appearance of photos online. Print will vary slightly on each hoodie.

For any other questions please contact us at

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