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Flexi Retractable Leash- Classic Tape


  • Free Shipping– Aus Wide
  • Fits All Breeds- Up to 50kg*
  • Length Control- Brake/Lock System
  • Comfortable- Ergonomic Hand Grip
  • High Quality- Made In Germany
  • Fast Delivery- Fast Dispatch
  • Strong- Sturdy Tape
  • Freedom- Dog Can Move Around

Let your dog move around while still within a desirable distance with a top quality retractable leash with lock & brake system. Flexi is one of the highest quality retractable dog leashes available on the market. Made in Germany, these leashes are designed to be durable and most importantly very comfortable for you and your dog.

You can chose either 5 or 8metre for the tape length fully extended. All of the leashes are retractable so you can lock it off at any length up to the max length.

The weight rating on each leash is the max weight recommended for that size. If your dog is close to the max kg, consider sizing up.

The Classic tape comes in 25 & 50kg

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