Tuxedo Bandana




Time to dress up well why didn’t you say so! This super smart tuxedo bandana is sure to get your dog ready for a formal event. It’s not fair the human get to dress up and leave the pup naked now is it! 

Made with black satin sides & a cotton centre featuring a velvet bow tie all hand made.

Model Gucci wears size Small, Medium & Large

            WHY WE MADE THIS

We have been overwhelmed with customers asking for dog accessories to make them formal event ready without the need for a full outfit. What makes this bandana perfect is their chest will look incredible handsome for photos without the worry of a full body custom made piece.


  • Free Shipping
  • Velvet Bow Tie
  • 3 Buttons
  • Black Satin Sides
  • 3 Sizes
  • Australia Made
  • Adjustable- Tie Up Ribbon
  • Hand wash cold, delicate
  • Express Manufacture