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Time to spruce up the place! Whether it’s for your hallway table or the doggy wardrobe/closet, a letter with the doggies name will do the job.

The letter is an off white colour, personalised with the dogs name in Rose Gold Vinyl & flowers + chose Gold/Blue Butterfly.

Example shows a G, P & T

                             WHY WE MADE THIS

It’s hard to find nice things to decorate the house or closet that are doggy related. The best part about these letters is that you can use it literally anywhere in the house, not just the doggy closet.


  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Size 
  • 24 Letter Options
  • Personalised Name
  • Size- 23.5cm high x varies
  • Express Manufacture 1-10Bus Days

You can select any letters of the alphabet A-Z.

Simply select the amount of letters you wish, then add those letters in the text box below it. There is a discount for ordering more.
A-Z Only For eg type “G” = one letter G. “GTP” would be 3 letters. No numbers.
As all the letters vary in shape the widths of letters do vary but are inside of 23cm wide.

All letters are 23.5cm high
To chose the colour of the butterfly simply select Blue or Gold at the top of screen
All letters come with up to 7 Flowers in various colour and sizes. All designs will be similar to examples with large flowers & butterfly at top of letter + small flower/s at the bottom.
This is optional. Leave blank to not include “Personalised Name.”

Simply enter your dogs name or desired text in to the “Personalised Name” text box at the top of listing. This will be added to your letter in all caps with Rose Gold reflective vinyl. We aim to place it in the centre horizontal but where letters won’t allow this, it’s placed vertical. If you want to know the exact placement for a particular letter please contact us info@swankypaws.com.au
Up to 8 characters (letters & numbers).