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Pet Cake Mix


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  • High Quality- Human Grade Ingredients
  • Safe- Pet Nutritionist Approved
  • Tasty- Dogs Love It
  • Fast Delivery- In Stock
  • Easy- Anyone can make it

You can’t have a dog party without a cake! Many products available aren’t dog friendly because of the ingredients used which is why we have personally tested this cake to be paw-some.

Anyone can make the cake you just need-

7-inch cake tin or oven bake tray

3 Eggs (or Banana or ground flax/chia 1/4cup for vegan option)

1 Cup of Water

All the instruction for how to mix and bake are included on the back of the packaging.

TIP: Use greek yoghurt or another dog friendly topping to look like “icing.”

Add to one of our birthday packs to save.

Paw it cake mix is dog friendly! After lots of testing the paw-specialists at L’Barkery have created a cake mix that’s completely dog friendly.

Paw it cake mix uses high quality ingredients.

What you will need: 
7-inch cake tin
3 eggs  vegan option:  Banana or ground flax/chia 1/4 cup (either or both)
1 Cup Water

Coconut Flour, Coconut, Manuka Honey and Sodium Bicarbonate

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