1st Birthday Boys Bandana




When it’s time to pawty we’ve got you covered! This super fun 1st Birthday Boy bandana is sure to get the party started. It’s a must that everyone knows who’s special day it is + it’s reversible. Personalise by adding their name or a genuine Swarovski Crystal, so you can use it year round!

Made with a strong cotton fabric it’s guaranteed to look amazing all paw-ty long.

                  WHY WE MADE THIS

When celebrating your dogs birthday it’s important they look the part! After all it is the day they were born isn’t it and you only get 1 a year.

This bandana has been designed so your dog can look birthday ready with minimal effort. Whether it’s for a quiet celebration at the house or for a big event with guests you cannot go wrong with a sparkly birthday bandana.


  • Free Shipping
  • Free Personalised Name
  • Sparkly “1st”
  • Optional Swarovski Crystal (+$2)
  • Strong Cotton
  • 5 Sizes
  • Australia Made
  • Adjustable- 4 Press Snaps
  • Hand wash cold, delicate
  • Express Manufacture
Personalise your dogs bow with their name and/or Swarovski Crystal on the backside!

Name-Tick the box for “add name” then add what you want written in the text box. A max of 10 letters can be used for the name which will be done in the same vinyl as the front side. It will be a standard block font and included as a free service with this bandana.

Swarovski Crystal- To add the Swarovski Crystal simply tick the “Add Swarovski Crystal” box. The genuine Swarovski Crystal will be added to the bottom tip of the personalised side.
Fits Neck Size-
XS- 17-27cm
S- 27-37cm
M- 37-47cm
L- 47-57cm
XL- 57-77cm
Click Here for instructions to measure your dogs neck correctly
Click Here for a list of common breeds and their average neck sizes for a guide.
As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.