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Light Blue Leather Dog Leash


Buy Now Pay Later ✔️

Buy Now Pay Later ✔️

  • Fits All Breeds- 2 Sizes
  • Soft Leather- Light Blue
  • Comfortable- Soft Suede Inside Handle
  • High Quality- Australian Hand Made
  • Fast Delivery- Fast Dispatch
  • Strong- Made For Walks
  • Simple- One Colour Leather Collar

Comfortable and high quality leather dog leash! These leashes are Australia Made with world class leather all the way from Netherlands, perfect for everyday wear and walkies! It’s mega comfortable for the dog and the handle. Featuring a beautiful, soft light blue leather on top and an equally smooth blue suede on the inside.

Both leads have a length of approx. 1.2m. This is from the handle to tip of trigger hook.
The width you can select 15mm for smaller dogs or 18mm for larger breeds. Both are very strong.

Do not let the dogs go in water with leash. Exposure to water can cause rusting and also damage the leather. You wouldn’t go for a swim with leather shoes on now would you!
Also note the backing suede is not colour fast, it will bleed some of the colour if it gets wet.

The high quality leather used is from the Netherlands. This genuine leather has an elegant, soft and smooth finish.

*Colours may vary slightly in person to the appearance of photos online

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