Aqua Sailor Bow




Aquamarine is an all time favourite colour! The dog sailor is made with a beautifully soft and luxurious feeling velvet. It’s sure to bring any pups style game up a few notches. 

Plus you can add the dogs name free!

Model Gucci wears size Small, Medium & Large

            WHY WE MADE THIS

Looking good can be hard work for a pup and it’s easy to overlook the simpler dog accessories. Sometime it’s best just to keep it simple, you really cannot go past a bow tie.

This bow has been designed so your dog can look great for any event with minimal effort. Whether it’s for a quiet celebration at the house or for a big event with guests you cannot go wrong with a pink dog bow tie.


  • Free Name Added
  • Free Shipping
  • Optional Swarovski Crystal
  • Soft But Strong
  • 3 Sizes
  • Australia Made
  • Aqua Colour
  • 2 Elastic Loops- Tight Fit
  • Hand Wash Cold, Delicate
  • Express Manufacture

Personalise your dogs bow with their name and/or a genuine Swarovski Crystal!

Simply tick the box of optional extras you want and your bow will arrive personalised just the way you like.
The name is added, in a rose gold vinyl, to the bottom right corner of the sailor.
The Swarovski Crystal is added to the bottom left

Both are done in a very strong permanent adhesive.
The Sailor Bow comes in 3 Sizes-
Small- 11.5cm x 9.5cm wide
Medium- 13.5cm x 12cm wide
Large- 19.5cm x 21cm wide
Simply pull the dog collar through the elastic loops at rear of bow tie and your bow will sit up for the world to see.
As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.
*Colours may vary slightly in person to the appearance of photos online