Breed Specific Bandanas

Brand New Designs the world has never seen

This Bandanas range shows off everyones favourite breed. You're Beloved pooch will stand out as a silhouette on the front of the Bandana in a vibrant range of colours.

We are always adding new designs but to list a few breeds with designs already made-

French Bulldog Bandana, Dachshund Bandana, Chihuahua Bandana, Staffy Bandana etc.

Staffy Silhouette Girls Bandana
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On top of the amazing options already possible with picking the right Bandana for your pups breed you can also add a Genuine Swarovski Crystals or your pups name.

We add these to the same side as the one with the cutout.

Sizing Info

We sell our Reversible Bandanas in 5 sizes as seen in the Picture with breed recommendations from XS-XL with a size to suite all breeds.



Every dog is different so we recommend that you measure your dog’s neck before ordering.

Please remember to allow a few extra centimetres if your dog is growing as we cannot refund or exchange if the wrong size is selected.

Stand Out

For any pampered pooch thats looking to stand out from the crowd this Reversible Bandana will go above and beyond anything you have seen or used before!

Safety Tips

As with all dog products its important to always take care. Click Here for recommended safety tips.


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