Bandana Sizing Chart

We know its not always possible to measure the neck of the dog for a Bandana or Collar, particularly when you’re buying for a gift. So when you can't just check this chart.  

If you're breed isn't listed here you can also check our ALL BREED Neck Sizing Guide.

NOTE sizes are a guide only as even within the same breeds the sizes can vary a lot.

Check Your Dogs MeasurementsWhat Size Should I Buy?


If you are on the edge of sizes we recommend you buy the larger size as you can always adjust the bandana to make it smaller by tying it together instead of using the snap locks. Please allow extra few cms for growing dog.

Our Snaps allow for 10cm of adjustment.


Whats The Fits Neck Measurement?

The X-Xcm measurement under each sizing is the distance between the snaps possible for the Bandanas. All our Bandanas have a minimum of 10cm adjustable width with super strong Nickel Plated Snap Fasteners.

If you have any other questions just contact us or if continue shopping for Bandanas  

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