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How To Photograph Your Dog

Dog photography time, how exciting! Anytime you get to spend time with your dog and create memories is something to celebrate. 

If you’ve tried taking pics of your dog recently though, you may have realised it’s not as easy as you’d hoped. Don’t worry, help is here!

After years of making our own dogs “instafamous,” (over 24,000 followers) we have learnt so much and worked with some amazing photography industry experts that take dog pics for a living.

To make life easier for you, we are going to share our most paw-some hacks, compiled from our own experience plus tips from- 

– Photography Studio- Studio1000 Australia

– Instagram Famous Pup- @badgalpeaches (88k followers)

– Dog Wedding Chaperone & Dog Trainer- Pets As Guests


The basics and most essentials-

7-15 deeper dive.

15) Have fun with it.

Tip 1) Preparation

11) Equipment- Iphones are the go as we aren’t making this guide for the photographers it’s for people at home.

2) The environment + Background

Indoor Vs Outdoor

3) Be Calm 14) Be Patient

4) Lighting

5) Angles


6) Using the camera- Get low

16) Get them to look at the camera

8) Props

10) Take lots of pics- fill your camera roll

7) Their personality- naturally playing

9) Smile- Panting

12) Editing- 18) Apps to make life easy- adobe lightroom

13) Inspirations- Instagram dogs that take pics like yours

15) Have fun with it.

19) Types of pictures instagram likes for stories, posts & reels.




Before we get started there is some key things to know.

1) Good things take time- We will get you racing off the mark, but especially when working with dogs, it can take time to get it right.

Tip 1)


. How exciting and at the same time… kind of scary because you know your dog isn’t exactly a working pro. Don’t worry!

To get a fantastic picture of your dog worthy of sharing to instagram and sending to your family & friends sounds easy right? Wrong. At least without a few keys steps it can be very difficult.

The great news for you is to make getting a paw-some photo of your dog easier, we have put together our top tips and consulted industry experts to create a guide to make it easy!


Queue the hero

Just like everything in life, there is exceptions. 

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