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When it comes to maximising your dogs exposure on Instagram hashtags are a must! We personally have experimented with hashtag usage over 3 years with our own personal doggy instagram account @tacos_frenchies and can verify hashtags do work.

If your dog is getting instafamous wearing fashion it’s a great idea to use dog fashion like hashtags.  #dogfashion #dogfashionista #dogfashionclothes #dogfashions & #dogfashioninsta as these are all very targeted. With lots of traffic! You could also use more targeted fashion tags such as #dogbowtie #dogbandana #dogcollar #designer etc based on the product being worn in the picture. 

The reason you need to use these hashtags is simple. On average a single instagram post can generate up to 12% more exposure when hashtags are used correctly. These hashtags exposure your photo/video to anyone searching or following the hashtag you used not just the people already following you. More eye balls = more exposure.

How Many Fashion Tags Should I Use?

This is a hot debate constantly changing as Instagram changes its algorithm regularly. With that said we have found you want to use as many as you can. Without being spammy! Generally speaking 5-15 is a great number with half of them being dog fashion specific and the rest spread amongst breed and other trending tags.

What If My Dog Has More Than 1 Piece of Fashion?

If your dog has a nice collar, bow and also a sweater on that’s actually a good problem to have. You now have the choice of hashtags like #dogbowtie #dogsweater #dogcollar to add in to your more general fashion tags that get added to all fashion type posts.

Gray Dog Hoodie With Ears
Dog Hoodies are always in style


Can I Use The Same Hashtag Twice?

You most certainly can but not in the same post. Doing the same hashtag more than once on the same post does not help it anymore than once does. Using the same hashtags on all posts is ok but we recommend having a list of 30-50 hashtags on standby you can use on rotation. 

How Can I Find More Great Doggy Fashion Hashtags?

There is plenty of great resources out there but the best is in Instagram itself. Simply open the instagram app on your phone, log in and click on the little magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen. Then it will open a search screen with the search bar at the top. Type in a basic word on the topic you want (in this case use dog or dogfashion etc) then just below the search bar click on the button that says “Tags.” This will now only show related hastag results with the same start as what you typed in. Also included in the suggested hashtags is the search popularity of each one.


Whether you are just posting pics of your dog on instagram for weekend fun or looking to make an income from businesses wanting sponsored posts using dog fashion hashtags is a great idea. It gives other instagram users that don’t follow your account the opportunity to see your content. After all if they follow or searched that hashtag they must love the same things you do! If your content is good that’s how you get new followers and send your photo viral!


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