Dog Bandanas

Dog Bandanas Australia made with something for everyone! Swanky Paws has a dog bandana for every seasonal and special occasion throughout the year. We have Christmas dog bandanas, fathers day dog bandanas, mothers day dog badanas, Australia Day dog bandanas, etc etc.

So the next event you want your pupper to turn up for we have a designer dog bandana ready made just for it! Don’t see one you like? You can always make a custom dog bandana instead.

All our dog bandanas come in a variety of colours and designs for each collection, just click on the pic of the collection you want to see. 

Also all our dog bandanas come in 5 sizes to fit all dogs from the tiniest puppy to the biggest Great Dane no one misses out!

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Birthday Dog Bandana Blue Boy Australia

Christmas Dog Bandana-

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Christmas Dog Bandana Australia