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If you are looking to buy or dog sit an Aussie Bulldog and find yourself wondering if they shed much here is everything you need to know!

Aussie bulldogs as a breed generally do not shed much hair. Which breeds make up the Aussie Bulldog will affect the shedding. The most common 2 breeds to be mixed with the English Bulldog to make the Aussie bulldog are Boxer and Bullmastiff. Bullmastiff’s are considered moderate shedders, while Boxers do shed quite a bit.

Because Aussie bulldogs have not been around for too long breeders are still working out the best “combination.” For this reason there is different variations of the Aussie Bulldog which can make predicting shedding a bit harder. Don’t worry though in this article we will go through the different possibilities to help you work out how much your new Aussie Bulldog will shed.

What Breeds Make Up the Aussie Bulldog?

All Aussie bulldogs have one thing in common. They are all made with at least 50% English Bulldog in them. At it’s most basic an Aussie Bulldog is an English Bulldog mixed with any other breed. The most 3 common variations to be mixed with the English are Bull Mastiffs, Boxers and Staffordshire Terriers (Staffies). 

Aussie Bulldogs are a relatively new breed. They have been around since the 90’s but are yet to have a registered breed with the ANKC, although they are very close. Breeders are still trying to create the perfect model Aussie Bulldog that can be agreed upon.

We personally own an Aussie Bulldog named Taco. He is about 93% English and 7% Boxer. From memory he is 7th generation so as you can tell they have been working at the Aussie Bulldogs for some time now!

The Best Aussie Bulldog For Low Shedding?

There is so many different variations of the Australian Bulldog out there. For the purpose of this article we will just focus on the top 3.


Dog Boxer breed sitting up
Boxers are medium to high shedders
The Boxer has a beautiful short haired coat that lies close to the skin. They are most known for having brindle and fawn colour hair. They can shed quite a bit and it’s recommend to brush them once to twice a week in Winter. 
Boxers have a very excitable and sometimes referred to as “hypo” temperament so brushing them can often be difficult.
If your Aussie Bulldog is made up of English Bullodog X Boxer than you will experience moderate to high level shedding. With the English Bulldog being a moderate to low shedder and the boxer being a moderate to high shedder. The result is moderate-high amount of short hair being shed quite regularly and brushing required at least once to twice a week.


The Bullmastiff is another breed with lots of short brown hair. Brindle and fawn in colour it’s very similar to the Boxer. Bullmastiff’s shed a moderate amount of hair year-round and because of their large size this equals an overall large amount of hair. Although the rate at which they lose it is considered moderate.


If your Aussie Bulldog is made up of English Bulldog X Bullmastiff you can expect a moderate amount of shedding year round. With the English Bulldog being a moderate to low shedder and the Bullmastiff being a moderate shedder. The result is a moderate amount of short hair being shed quite regularly. Brushing is required at least once a week.

Staffordshire Terrier-

Staffordshire Terriers only shed a little but once a year they may have a heavy shed. Their hair is also short hair that comes in brindle, fawn and white in colour. Their size can vary greatly from 11-40kg depending on if it is an English or American Staffie.

If your Aussie Bulldog is made up of English Bulldog X Staffie it’s going to be great for the shedding side of things. With the English Bulldog being a moderate to low shedder and the Staffie being a low shedder. The result is a low shedding dog that will not leave as much hair around the house. It’s still recommended to brush once a week though.

How Can I Stop My Aussie Bulldog From Shedding?

Unless you own a breed that doesn’t shed hair you can’t stop it completely. But you can certainly do a lot to reduce the amount your Aussie Bulldog sheds.
The best way to reduce your Aussie Bulldog from shedding hair is to wash and brush regularly. Through personal experience we can recommend to get the most hair free house possible it’s best to brush every 3 days. Once you get to day 4 every pat seems to lift a new bunch of rogue hairs in to the air.
Best to always brush the dog outside so the loose hair can blow away. Also don’t forget to wash the dog once a week and wait until the coat dries.
The best kind of brushes to reduce shedding on Aussie Bulldogs are ones designed for dogs with short hair. You can even use horse grooming blocks which work great!
Check this out for more information on why dogs shed
Taco from instagram @tacos_frenchies
Healthy Aussie Bulldog (English Bulldog X Boxer)

What Makes Aussie Bulldogs Healthier?

English Bulldog are one of the most loyal and loving breeds you can get. This makes them very popular especially in colder climates but they do come with health issues. The main health issues include skin allergies, respiratory problems, overheating, degenerative spine disease & cherry eye to name a few.

By mixing the English Bulldog with another breed these issues have been reduced or eliminatedThe Aussie Bulldog has done a fantastic job especially in tackling the respiratory issues especially. The Aussie Bulldog handles the Australian Heat and lifestyle much better.

Brachycephalic is the term used to describe short faced dogs like the English Bulldog. The biggest 2 issues that face Brachycephalic dogs is their airways are very small. If you look at the dogs nostrils and there isn’t much space to let air in you have a problem.

Also bulldogs suffer soft pallet issues when the skin inside the throat is too big. To allow English Bulldogs to breathe better they often require surgery for both problems. 

To avoid these issues the English Bulldog was bread with healthier breeds. 

Aussies have bigger nostrils which allows the air to flow through to the lungs better. Also the soft pallet is not as big as their skulls are larger. In most cases you are able to avoid the need for surgery but this will also depend largely on the breed it’s been crossed with.


Aussie Bulldogs all shed relatively short and coarse hair. Like little pins they can stick to lots of low lying surfaces. Generally they are moderate to low shedders but some are moderately high. We recommend if you are after the lowest shedding Aussie Bulldog to go with the English Bulldog X Staffordshire Terrier. This Bulldog will also be smaller in size which is a good feature for people living in apartments.
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