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  • "Birthday Boy" dog bandana with a blue cotton fabric and gittery blue vinyl for the text. Perfect for any dogs birthday celebrations

    Birthday Boy Dog Bandana

  • Birthday dog bandana pink for girls. Birthday done in glitter vinyl Australia made

    Birthday Girl Dog Bandana

  • Birthday boy text on the blue background with cakes and little fireworks. Very cute doggy print for boys

    Birthday Boy Sailor Bow

  • Super cute pink bandana made for a dogs first birthday with the text "My 1st Birthday". The vinyl is done in white and the 1st is done in a glitter

    1st Birthday Girls Bandana

  • Pink background for the birthday girl dog sailor bow tie with little presents and "Birthday Girl" written across

    Birthday Girl Sailor Bow

  • Blue dog bandana with the text "My 1st Birthday" for dogs

    1st Birthday Boys Bandana

  • pink sprinkles fun print for dog sailor bow tie. Pink background color with multi colour sprinkles all across

    Pink Sprinkles Sailor Bow

  • Blue sprinkle sailor bow tie with a blue background and rainbow sprinkles across design

    Blue Sprinkles Sailor Bow

  • Pink Confetti dog collar which is perfect for birthday parties

    Confetti Velvet Collar