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A Little Common Sense Goes A Long Way

The collars were not designed to withstand daily punishment or being treated like a regular collar. They were made as fashion pieces and to be used with care on special occasions. Not for the daily wear and tear a normal collar would get. Wear it for the special occasion or photo then take it off and store carefully do not leave with dog unattended.

If you take care of your collar it will last a long, long time without losing a single crystal.

The Glue-

We use an industrial strength permanent glue which is incredible at fixing the crystals in place.  To keep the bond strong avoid heat, exposure to salt water, pushing hard against it, knocking it, scratching it, bending collar too tightly, dog parks, playing etc. Common sense should always be used and if in doubt consult the Swarovski Website or contact us.

How To Store

Store in a cool and dry place and best in dust bag. Avoid leaving in sun heat or light near windows.

Best stored either laid out flat or loosely rolled up but NOT tighter than its been made to sit around the dogs neck. Stick to the holes already on the collar when doing it up for storage.

How To Clean

There is a number of Gentle options to clean the crystals. For use on our collars we recommend using Alcohol-Free Baby Wipes. VeryGently rub against the crystals until nice and sparkly again ensuring not to press too hard. The same can be done for the collars and leashes.

Will It Last?

Short answer YES. Our Quality is exceptional and has been tested in daily use on a German Shepherd and lasted 6months + without losing a single crystal BUT just because you can doesn’t mean you should push the limits of the crystals glue.

Play it safe and and don’t risk any activity that will cause stress or damage to the collar.

Will I Be Covered For Lost Crystals?

Swanky Paws will not replace or refund any collar that loses crystals. To ensure all the crystals stay on care must be taken in storing and wearing them. HOWEVER We do give a little bag of spare crystals just encase a few do pop off. Remove any crystals at the first sign of being lose so to prevent any choking from the animal.

If you do lose a lot we would be happy to repair it for a flat fee of $30 + postage both ways. In most cases if the collar itself is damaged thought its best just to replace it. Because the glue is so strong if the crystals do come off they usually take some of the leather off the collar with them. Please make contact if you are looking to replace one.


We do not offer any warranty or guarantee the crystals will stay on no one can. It is hand crafted by individually gluing and placing each crystal taking a lot of time and extreme care. The maintenance is very simple to keep these master pieces shimmering and stuck on.


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