How To Measure Your Dog Step By Step Guide For Guaranteed Fit!

How To Measure Your Dog For Clothing pic of dachshund with Swarovski Bow for fashion

Dog fashion and clothing use is bigger then ever these days! Everyday we find more and more ways to dress up our lovable furry friends.

With all these amazing fashion and clothing options it can often be hard to work out what will fit your dog. As we all know dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as different brands having very different ideas of what "Large" looks like. WE KNOW YOUR PAIN!!

So to help make buying for your pooches next outfit simple we have come up with 3 easy steps and tips anyone can do to ensure the new clothing will ALWAYS fit. We will start with how to measure your dog then move on to tips on shopping online.

What will I need?

You will need a soft ruler (the floppy one the tailor uses), a brush to get the hair flat and paper with a pen to write the measurements down.
TIP: If you only have a hard ruler use the dogs lead to get measurements then hold it against the hard ruler.

Tips before Measuring

Use caution not to strangle or hurt the dog. You want the measurements to be snug against the body without applying pressure or being loose. Professionals will want the snug cm's and will add the room to move themselves but for pre made clothing in standard sizing add at least 2 inches to each measurement to allow room to move.

What 3 measurements do I need?

To buy clothing online that is going to cover your dogs body the most important 3 measurements you will need are the Chest, Neck and Back. Some custom outfits may require more but these 3 cover almost everything.

The reason you need these 3 first is because without them you will not know if the shops standard sizes fit the shape of your dog. After all even breed specific clothing can be the wrong shape you need all 3 measurements to fit in order to move ahead.

1) Back Length-

This is the distance between the base of the dogs neck and the base of the tail which almost all dog clothing covers.

Simple- To find the starting point for this measurement simply run your fingers down the back of the dogs neck until you reach the base where the neck meets the back. Once you have the starting point of the tape held in position at the base of the neck run the tape down the top of the dogs back until you touch the start of the tail. We stop the measurement right at the base of the tail where the tail leaves the body.

In Depth- At the base of the dogs neck you should be able to feel 2 shoulder blades out of the top of the back (One for each of the dogs front legs)Another way to find the shoulder blades is to follow up the dogs front legs from the side until you reach the top of their back. Press down slightly at this point (use caution not to hurt the dog) and you should be able to feel the dogs shoulder blades. Directly in the middle of these shoulder blades is the perfect point to start the back measurement!

Once you have the starting point of the tape held in position at the base of the neck run the tape down the top of the dogs back until you touch the start of the tail. We stop the measurement right at the base of the tail where the tail leaves the body.

2) Neck-

The neck measurement is the distance around the dogs neck roughly where the collar would normally sit. When working out this measurement its important you use the widest part at the base of the neck and include any thick hair or rolls the dog might have to allow room to move in the clothing. 

Start by placing the tape against the dog at the base of the neck (the same place as the start the back measurement was) where the collar sits and run it in a circle around the neck and back to the place you started. Use the widest part which is usually just about their chest.

3) Chest- 


The chest measurement is the distance the whole way around the dogs body just behind the front legs.

Start the tape on top of the dogs back on the spine just behind where the front legs are. Then run the tape under the dogs rib cage, behind the legs and back up to the starting point.

Again you want the widest point which is usually just few cm's behind the front legs. Also be sure the tape is straight the whole way around.

Then that's it your done and you have all 3 measurements its time to go and make your doggo look like the fashionista you always knew they were.

Custom Made Dog Tutu with Swarovski Crystals from Swanky Paws. Pink Ribbon on a pink tulle


When doing the measurements its best to do so in centimetres (cm's) as its more accurate. Some businesses will use inches instead of cm's so it can be handy to have your measurements written down in both before shopping.

If you need help in measuring your dog or would like one of our professional seamstresses to make you a custom outfit click here to contact us or browse our website for dog accessories and dog clothing.

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