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What a special time to be looking to share the news with the world. One of the most popular way to share a new puppy or baby with the world is with a Big Brother dog bandana.

The most important thing when shopping for a Big Brother dog bandana is to get the size and design right. After all if it doesn’t fit your dog the big news is not going to work! You also want to get the design and colour to match your dogs fur. 

Announcing that you are going to having a new baby in the house is one of the most exciting things in life. No matter if it’s 2 or 4 feet we have you covered. 

In this article we will go through what to look for including sizing, standard designs, custom designs, delivery times, reversible bandanas and more.


Possibly the most important part of shopping for a big brother dog bandana! You should work out your dogs measurements before shopping. We say this because many shops have very strange sizings and without your dogs neck size there is no way to know for sure if it will fit. 

– Many shops will have strange sizing. For example in some shops a 2XL size bandana will fit a french bulldog at best! XL for them does not guarantee it will fit a large breed.

– More times than not because the bandanas are made in China & the retailer will use the same sizing charts made by the manufacturer. Trust us when we say none of their sizing makes sense. You need to be able to compare in cms or inches.

Standard Designs

Big Brother dog bandanas are not super widely available but there is a number of boutique stores that are happy to make them, ourselves included. For this reason the businesses that do make them often have 1 or 2 set designs they keep as standard. They usually will be made to order but some do keep these designs in stock.

Be sure to shop around to find the design you like the most. Many will have the design done in vinyl on 1 side of the bandana but some will have printed fabric. Vinyl is great because it’s permanent and allows for 1-3 colour designs. You can even have special effect vinyls like glitter or glow in the dark! If it has more colours than 3 on it most likely it will be a printed fabric design where the ink is inside of the fabric instead of the vinyl which is on top.

Custom Designs

Now we are at the fun part! If you have troubles finding a big brother dog bandana you like you could always design your own. Whether you want a photo printed on to the bandana or you want it to be double sided just about anything is possible. Heck at Swanky Paws you can even add Swarovski Crystals if you love the bling!

In order to do a custom design you just need to think more about what it is you want. We often have people send in pictures of a few different designs where they will say “I want this writing but on that colour fabric.” It’s up to you at the end of the day what you like best.

To get a custom dog bandana you need to chose-

– A doggy business that accepts custom orders

– What colour fabric you want

– What text you want

– Are you adding any extra design elements (such as squiggles or shapes not text)

– Would you like it done in Vinyl or Printed Fabric

– Would you like the bandana to be tie up or press snaps

Delivery Times

This can easily be overlooked as you get excited to announce the news. It’s important to work out what day you plan to snap the photo to go to instagram or facebook so you can ensure it get’s there in time.

We recommend picking a dog business in the same country as you to cut on shipping times. Also be sure to check the big brother dog bandana listing as to how long it takes to make. We have heard of customers come to us complaining other businesses took 4-6 weeks to make their bandana! Look for a guarantee of how long they will take to make it if it’s not pre made and in stock. As a guide if we don’t have it in stock a standard design takes 1-3 business days to make and custom 1-7 business days.

Shipping times also need to be considered. Within Australia standard shipping takes 2-4 business days with Australia Post (when sent from within Aus). If being sent from overseas usually it takes 1-3 weeks. You should consider upgrading to express if the date is being cut fine.

Reversible Bandanas


Some people don’t even know reversible exists but it does. One of our favourite things to do is make a bandana reversible because you can get more use out of it! For less than the cost of the original bandana you can add a second design to the back side. That way once the announcement is over you can still enjoy the other design for years to come.


When shopping for the best big brother dog bandana be sure to check your delivery times and match the design to your dogs hair colour. If possible stick with a business in your country or upgrade the speed of delivery and go with express when coming internationally!

If you would like professionals to make best big brother dog bandana Australia made possible be sure to check out our range or ask for a custom design.

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