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It’s time to celebrate one of the most special events of your life CONGRATS! If you are reading this you have decided to bring your doggo. Great choice! For your fur friend be apart of it they need to look their best. Don’t worry we have a complete breakdown of wedding dog bows ties to make the choice easy.

When choosing the best bow tie for your dog to wear at the wedding its important to make this decision at least 3-4 weeks out. This gives you time to chose the fabric, colour & personalisation! Also you need to decide if you will attach it on to a collar as a standalone bow or have it apart of the rest of the outfit like a dog tuxedo.

Wow what an exciting time to be making these choices. The whole point of this article is highlight all the things you need to consider like theme, colour, fabric, sizing, delivery times and even custom options. Read on to get all the answers you need!


Wedding Theme

If you have made it to the point of dressing your dog than hopefully you have decided the theme of your wedding. If not you need to do this first before going any further along picking your dogs bow. Without this information you have no way of knowing if this bow will match or contrast the surroundings. Trust me, you will get the best photos possible if you put the effort in to getting the colours right. Plus photos last forever right and we can’t take those twice.

Bow Colour

Rose dog bow made from beautiful soft velvet. Also featuring a centre completely covered in Swarovski Crystals
Rose Sailor Dog Bow + Swarovski Crystal Centre


Once we know what colours will be featured throughout the wedding it’s time to decide the bow. The colour used on the bow will be best either matching the boys colours or the girls in the ceremony. For eg it looks great if the dogs bow is the same colour as the groomsmen or the groom.

Sometimes it can also look great to have a contrast where the dog stands out or matches the scenery. This is up to you to decide how much you want the dog apart of the ceremony and where you plan to take the photos. Speak to your photographer about where the photos will be taken. It helps with planning to match or contrast the back drop.

What’s It Made From?

This will surprise you but there are many different materials the bows can be made from. You have standard fabrics like cotton, polyester, velvet, mink or satin. These are readily available at many different human and doggy stores.

But also you can have more alternative materials such vinyl, leather, pleather, etc.

Consider It’s Strength & Look

The main things to consider when picking the right material is how long it needs to last and what look you are going for. Obviously if you need it to last an entire day of photos a delicate bow will not go the distance. 

As for the look this comes back to the theme and planned photos again. If you want the dog to match the groomsmen and they have a shiny satin yellow bow, you want the same for the dog. Sure any similar colour yellow bow might look ok but if it’s shiny like theirs that will look better!

TIP: For the perfect wedding dog bow we find the most common types of fabrics used for dogs bows at weddings that look great are velvet and satin!

Type Of Bow

There is more than 1 type of bow out there that can be used for weddings. The most common is a standard dog bow tie.
Teal dog bow tie made in Australia from designer velvet fabric
Standard Bow- Teal Velvet Dog Bow

This shape dog bow is considered the standard shape. It consists of 2 sides and a centre piece to hold it all together. Great because it matches what the men wear at weddings. The dog will totally fit in. This shape is also very readily available at lots of doggy and human shops. These bows are very popular and come in sizes to suit any dog. Also a large range of fabrics and colours. The standard shape dog bow is suitable to both boys and girls but mostly used by boys.

Standard dog bows can be bought as a standalone product or as apart of a set. You can even buy it with velcro/elastic loops at the back to pull the collar through. We have even seen them made permanently apart of the collar.


Black sailor bow tie for dogs with the centre completely covered in Swarovski Crystals. Perfect for weddings or formal occasions
Sailor Bow with Black Swarovski Centre

The next shape we would like to show is a Sailor Dog Bow. This bow is the same as the standard bow but it has an extra piece hanging at the bottom.

This type of bow is great for both boy and girls dogs. However we find it to be far more popular amongst the girls. Possibly because the standard shape is very cliche for boys.

It’s not as easy to find and only really available from doggy shops. Because it’s not as readily available you also have less selection of colours and fabrics. 

TIP: For the perfect wedding dog bow we recommend to use a standard dog bow for boys and a sailor dog bow for the girls. But they both can be unisex and it’s up to personal preference.

How Do The Dog Bows Attach

Most dog bows have 1-2 loops at the back made from elastic or velcro. For the elastic loops you pull the collar or string through them. Whether as the elastic loops to un do and wrap around whatever you wish to attach them to.


It’s a huge part of most people’s weddings and rightfully so. It’s YOUR big day so you want as much to be made specifically for you as possible.
Luckily dog products such as the standard and sailor bow tie you are able to have made custom. This can include both the printed fabric that’s used, adding words in vinyl and even adding Swarovski Crystals to make it bling!

Printed Fabric-

If you have a very specific design you want for the bow and can’t find it why not print it! There is a handful of dog shops out there that are actually able to print the fabric in your design before turning it in to a bow. This is fantastic because it means no matter what colour or theme you want it’s achievable. To make the process easier you will want to have a photo to send of the textile or photo design you want printed. If you do not have this one can be designed for you from scratch for an extra cost.
For eg this customer wanted blue tartan so we made a blue tartan bow for them.
chocolate labrador wearing blue tartan dog bow
Chocolate Lab Wearing Custom Blue Tartan Sailor Dog Bow

Custom Name-

Now this part is fun! You can add details like words and numbers to the bow in vinyl. It’s very common just to add the dogs name but some people love to add the date of the wedding or even things like “ring bearer.”
The way this is done is with a vinyl cut in to the shape desired and pressed in to the fabric with a permanent adhesive so it won’t come off on your special day.
You can chose from a range of standard shiny colours or go for a special effect like glitter.
Navy blue dog bow tie personalised. At the bottom right it has the dogs name and Swarovski crystal on a luxury soft velvet
Standard Dog Bow With Personalised Name

Swarovski Crystals

Nothing says it’s your big day better than bling! We are the only dog business in the world we know of adding genuine Swarovski Crystals to dog accessories. These crystals are far higher quality than cheap overseas crystals. We find the reflective nature of Swarovski is so much better in fact that despite the costs it’s all we use. Plus these crystals don’t come off with standard use even with dogs!

You have a number of options when it comes to Swarovski Crystals. You can cover just the centre, the top side or the bottom of the bow. Unless of course you want to cover the entire thing which we also do!

The main thing to consider is again the theme of the wedding and the look you are going for. But don’t forget the colour of your dogs fur as sometimes the colour does not match.

Once you know what colour you are after it’s time to decide the colour of the fabric underneath and the crystals that will go on top.

Any colour is available for the fabric as it can be printed to the colour you like but the crystals are limited to what Swarovski offers. It can take up to 3 weeks for your crystals to come in if you want a specific colour we don’t carry in stock so be sure to get in contact ASAP to find out more.


How Far In Advance Do I Need To Order My Dogs Bow?

We recommend to order the perfect wedding dog bow at least 1 week out to avoid disappointmentGenerally speaking, a week should be plenty in most cases but you should check before ordering. We know of some doggy businesses that take as along as 4-6weeks as it’s made by hand and not in stock.

If you go with a good shop though you’ll be ok. Most human and doggy businesses carry stock for the best selling products plus you can add express shipping.

If however you are ordering something with personalisation on it this can add heaps of time to the process. To get a custom print design made will add on time as will getting the dogs name etc made in vinyl. Swarovski Crystal bows is only something Swanky Paws does and one bow can take up to 4 hours to finish plus for a custom colour crystal to arrive can take 3 weeks. To be safe if you want a Swarovski Crystal bow order a minimum 4 weeks in advance.


With so many possible choices in the way of colours and fabrics, be sure to work out the theme of the wedding first. Once this is decided you can lock in the rest of your options for the perfect wedding dog bow. Also be sure to leave plenty of time for it to be hand made. We recommend at least 3-4 week out from the wedding you should be ordering your dogs bow.
With so many personalisation options out there you really can get the perfect dog bow to make your best friend apart of the wedding and even the co star in all of your photos.


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