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Creating a pet account on Instagram can be incredibly fun and rewarding! The question is, where to start? Well, once you have signed up to make an account, the most important real estate on your home page is your bio!

For a dog Instagram accounts the bio is incredibly important because you only have 150 characters to grab the attention of new people. In this 150 characters, you must convince them your account is worthy of their follow. It’s important to be unique and put your dogs personality in to the bio so people with similar dogs will find things in common with you. It is also important to try to connect with the bio through emotion. Whether it be happiness or sadness. People love to show support just as much as they love to laugh and giggle.

For The Best Dog Instagram Bio read below and we will explain lots like emojis, name ideas, username, adding a website and more –

How To Put Your Pet On Instagram Bio

To add your pet in to the instagram bio you want to click on “Edit Profile” on your profile page. This can be done by opening the instagram app on your phone then clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen. If you have loaded a picture it will show your display picture as the logo. If account is brand new there won’t be anything there yet.,


Once you have made it to your profile page there will be another button to click 3/4 of the way up the screen. It’s on the right hand side and says “Edit Profile.” This is where you will edit all the important things in your profile. Including Name, Username, Website & of course Bio.

Name Ideas

Don’t confuse the name with your username. They are different! The name is displayed on your feed when people visit your page. Located on your feed below the display picture its the first text visitors will see. It’s purpose is to name the person or people behind the page. You can have any name you want here provided it’s not offensive. It’s ok to have the same name as someone else. For a dog instagram account we recommend using the name (s) of the dogs followers can expect to see in the photos and videos you will be posting.


How to fill out your instagram bio for your dogs instagram account

For eg here is an instafamous dogs account who’s username is @tacos_frenchies but their name is Taco, Gucci & Prada which are the 3 dogs regularly featuring in it. Feel free to have some fun with this as you can include their personality here to such as “Farting Frank” etc etc.


A good username is incredibly important to achieve the best instagram bio possible. What makes the username so important is the name chosen will be what people type in to search when they try to find you. You want to make it as short and memorable as possible.
The trick is to make it as short as possible but also make it easy to remember. The reason for this is if its super long like @the_best_bullodg_in_the_world_1234_bar_none_43. there is no chance anyone will be able to remember it. Also you want to limit the use of special characters for the same reason. Some people do things like double underscore (__) which is a mistake because it can often be confused for looking like just 1 underscore (_).

The aim of the game is to make the username (Also known as handle) as short and also like your dog as possible. It’s ok to add a number or underscore or 2 in there but we recommend no more than 2 special characters and no more than 2 numbers. Also try to keep the total username length to under 15 or so characters.

Someone Else Has The Username I Want

It happens so don’t stress! In fact instagram is so full of doggy accounts now it can actually be very difficult to get a good, short and catchy instagram handle.

Unlike the Name the Username cannot be used by more than 1 account. If someone else already is using the one you want we recommend either adding in an underscore or single number to make it your own. Get creative everyone and try to use easy words for people to remember.


The next section is where you would add your website or blog if you have one. With all the visitors that will eventually come to your instagram page it’s important you send that traffic to somewhere. You can only add 1 website page so make it count!


Finally it’s time to edit the bio itself. You only have 150 captions so make it count! Whatever it is that makes your dog special, funny, sad, etc this is the place to let your visitors know.  If they fart put it in.  If they love to bark all night waking up the neighbourhood put it in. If they never listen to you at the park and you spend hours chasing them to come home definitely put it in!

Stats say you have about 5 seconds max to convince the new visitor to make a decision to follow you. If your bio is boring and too much like what every one else is you wont get the follow.

Should I Use Emoji’s In Bio

Definitely! Emoji’s are the new way of life and not just the kids are using them anymore it’s for everyone. The numbers are in and its proven that using emojis in your instagram is more effective than words alone to connect with your audience. After all not many words come close to what a poop emoji does! The key to everything in instagram is to connect with your audience in an authentic way. Emojis are definitely a great way to create the best dog instagram bio possible. Try not to overuse them though because the bio is only 150 characters. As a guide we recommend no more than 10 emojis to create the best dog instagram bio possible.

Profile Picture

Also known as the display picture this is the photo people will see when they see you come up on a search. They will also see this at the top of your home feed page and when you leave comments. Anywhere you leave a comment or respond to a story etc it will leave this little photo beside it. As your account grows and you leave your mark all across instagram having the Display Picture be memorable will help. We recommend for a dog account having the dog in there is a must but also to show their personality. Have the photo be well framed with the dog in the centre and also well lit. Never under estimate the power of good lighting! The Display Picture will actually be shown in a circle too so be aware for a square or rectangle photo the edges will be cut off.

Is The Bio The Same As Caption

When starting off in instagram the different sections can be confusing. The bio is not the same as when people talk about captions. Bio is the section that sits on the top of your profile page to describe your page. Caption is the text you add to a photo or video when posting the photo to your feed to describe the content. You do not change your profile details very often but the caption is added every time anything is posted to the feed and also includes hashtags.


If you want to create the best instagram dog bio as possible just follow the steps we mentioned and you will be well on your way! Be sure to make those 150 characters count and use emojis for helping connect to your audience. Also don’t forget to keep those usernames memorable and short!
For extra little hints and tricks we recommend checking out other instafamous dogs account to see what’s been working well for them. Simply go to the search bar at the bottom left of your home page and entering in a famous dogs account you know of. You can also click on the little down arrow beside their profile and get a list of other accounts just like them!

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