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Are you looking for the best ceramic dog bowls Australia made? Look no further we have all the best hand made ceramic dog bowls right here!

The most important feature to look for when picking a ceramic bowl for your pet is to chose a strong one. You need to make sure it will not easily crack or chip. If your bowl develops cracks or chips it allows for bacteria to grow and live inside of the bowl, which results in the bowl needing to be thrown out.

We spent many hours working out the best kind of ceramic dog bowls. Both strong and attractive! It is possible and in this article we will show you what makes these ceramic dog bowls Australia’s finest. Read on to see how different ceramics, the different finishes, the best size and more.

Different types of Ceramics

There is actually many different types of ceramics but 3 basics ones. Earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Most of the dog and cat industry uses porcelain because it is cheaper to make and is widely available made in China. This means you can get it much cheaper but it comes at a price for being easily chipped, cracked and broken.

Stoneware on the other hand is much stronger. We recommend using stoneware because it’s made from a particular clay which is fired at a higher temperature than regular ceramic dog bowls. This results in a much stronger stone-like quality dog bowl which is much less likely to crack, chip or break

What’s The Colour On The Inside


Pink Ceramic dog bowl made in stoneware from Swanky Paws featuring paw prints across the outside edge
Pink/Watermelon Stoneware Dog Bowl

On our stoneware dog bowls the inside features a beautiful coloured glazing. We offer an amazing blue and also a pink/watermelon. This is incredible strong and smooth so the inside of your dog bowl is safe from cracking which is important. Bacteria love to hide in cracks!

Because the bowls are handmade no two are the same. This includes the colour and design of the glazing on the inside.

Why Are Cracks Bad For Ceramic Dog Bowls?

Bacteria can live in cracks! Cracks can grow large amounts of bacteria which are not killed by anti-bacterial soaps used during dishwashing. When the surface of the dog bowl is smooth the bacteria cannot stay on during cleaning! Another important reason we use stoneware with commercial grade glazing. It’s far more resistant to developing cracks and we mean much, much more!

How Can A More Expensive Stoneware Bowl Save Money?

It’s quite simple really you won’t need to replace it! Sometimes getting cheaper quality works out better because when it breaks you just replace it and move on. But when it comes to anything dogs often this doesn’t work. They are famous for not being gentle and especially with their bowls!
Cheaper quality ceramic bowls will not just completely shatter at the smallest of drop or bump they almost always crack. This can be from a change of temperature, stress, impact or many other reasons. Either way once any cracking or chipping occurs to your ceramic bowl it needs to be thrown. 
There is no safe way to clean your bowl once its damaged on the inside where the food & water goes. You need the smooth surface to remove bacteria during the cleaning process. 

This is why we recommend using 
high quality stoneware because it’s incredible resistant! You can even use it in the oven it’s that resistant to heat.

Porous Vs Non Porous 

A good quality ceramic bowl is non porous. What this means for you as the dog owner is water won’t seep out of the bowl over time. While it may not be possible to 100% guarantee this won’t happen, a good stoneware dog bowl can be very close to ensuring the water won’t come out over time and on to your precious hardwood floors.

Why China Made Dog Bowls Can Be Dangerous

If you aren’t careful some China manufacturer use lead based paint to decorate their dog bowls. While it may look pretty this can be very harmful for the dog.

What’s The Best Size For My Dog?

Well this all depends on the dog and what you are looking for in a bowl.

If it’s for food it’s simple. So long as whatever you feed them on a daily basis fits in you’re good to go. In most instances the larger bowl is better for a larger breed. This is true both for food and drink as they need more in a single sitting.

For water is different. The best way to work out what size you need is to work out how much water your dog goes through in millimetres. Measure out how much your current bowl holds and see how much your dog uses per day. An easy way to do this is use a left over water bottle you know the capacity of and pour it in to the dogs bowl. You can roughly estimate how much it hold this way. Then compare it to the amount each of our bowls hold which is written in the product listing information.

Often people use larger sizes for water though as it saves refilling as often. If you intend to use it for water we recommend getting a size that will last 2-3 days. This way you aren’t filling the water everyday but also it’s being changed enough to keep the water fresh.

Also consider getting a larger size if you intend to use it for multiple dogs water. Simply add all of their water drinking amounts together and you will know how big the bowl needs to be!


The best ceramic dog bowl Australia made is going to be stoneware. It’s by far the most durable for dogs and the longest lasting. Be sure to check how much your dog eats/drinks when deciding on the best size for them. If you buy quality stoneware it literally could out live you!

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