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Dogs name in the middle of the custom dog ID tag with a yellow and green tartan background]
Australia Day themed custom Pet ID Tag

Australia day is changing as the years roll by, it’s not just for the humans anymore it’s a day the dogs to be a part of now!

One of our favourite things about being Australian, is to see how to many of us love our dogs and treat them as members of the family. Because of this, we design a whole range of dog outfits and accessories for every big event of the calendar year. After all it’s not worth doing if you’re four legged friend can’t be a part of it as well!!

For Australia day, we have a basic range of products that we run year round that suit the “Australia Day” theme. For example, products like a plain coloured bow tie or a custom dog bandana work year round but also for that specific event.

This year we have a big range of exciting Australia Day dog bandanas and bows to suit boys and girls.



Australia Day Dog Bandanas-

These are designed to both celebrate the national colours with green & gold but also blue and white that’s used in the flag. We offer a whole range of designs  that range from simplistic and work year round, all the way to very cheeky designs that show off the true blue spirit.

What makes these bandanas great is that most dogs are very comfortable wearing them because it feels like a collar. The other bonus is you don’t need to have a collar on the dog for them to wear it.


Australia Day Dog Bow Ties-

Yellow & Green Tartan Dog Bow Tie

Bow ties are great accessories for dogs to wear to any event. Mostly boys buy the standard shape bow tie, but it looks fantastic on both boys and girls. To wear it, simply pull the dog collar through the elastic loops at the back.

Australia Day Dog Sailor Bows-

Yellow Sailor Bow with little australia icons in blue

Sailor bows are a similar to the standard shape dog bow but have an extra piece at the bottom. This is a great choice to wear on Australia day because it’s a a unisex style and not something very many shops sell. Wearing it is the same as the standard shape dog bow, pull the collar through the elastic loops.

All of our Australia day dog bandanas and accessories are exclusive to Swanky Paws. In order to make sure you get your accessories in time for Jan 26, place the orders at least a week before. If you run it close for time be sure to check out with express shipping with same/next day dispatch.

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