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Aussie Bulldogs are a new breed of bulldog made to suit the Australian climate. As owners of a 3yr old Aussie Bulldog named Taco we thought it would be good to answer a question we are regularly asked when taking him for walks! Are Aussie Bulldogs Aggressive?

Aussie Bulldogs are a not an aggressive breed at all. In fact they are a very loyal and loving breed to both humans and other dogs. They are not aggressive by nature and alike their cousins the English Bulldog are obsessed with their owner. But like any breed it’s important to socialise them as puppy and raise them with basic obedience.

It really does blow us away when we take our Aussie Bulldog for a walk how many people take a wide step around us. As if he is going to eat them or take a last second lunge!

In this article we will take you through everything you need to know about why Aussie Bulldogs aren’t aggressive by nature. Also the key things to look out for when buying one or introducing your kids to be around them.

What Breeds Make Up An Aussie Bulldog?

It may surprise many but the Aussie Bulldog is actually quite a new breed. It’s only really been around for the last 8-10yrs. The breed was formed by mixing the very loving and loyal British/English Bulldog and mixing it with a number of other breeds. This was done to help the breed deal better with the Australian heat and active lifestyle. After all English Bulldogs are used to the cold and rainy English climate. They never see 35+ degrees Celcius like we do here in Australia.

So to help with the known health issues of English Bulldogs, other breeds were mixed to start the Aussie Bulldog breed. The 3 main breeds they are mixed with is Boxer, Bullmastiff and Staffordshire Terrier. 

Our Aussie Bulldog Taco was mixed with a Boxer.

Cute Aussie Bulldog Sleeping in a blanket. Why Aussie Bulldogs are not aggressive
Aussie Bulldog -Taco

What this has done to Taco is made him much leaner than a purebred English Bulldog and also helped his nose be much better. Meaning his nostrils are wider to allow air flow better and the airway itself is bigger.

Typically English Bulldogs suffer from respiratory and breathing issue being a brachycephalic breed. What this basically means is they have a short head and squished nose and airways. This causes them to get a number of health issues and increases their struggle in heat.

Probably the best part about the Aussie Bulldog is how much “healthier” it is than the English. I know we can take our Aussie Bulldog out and walk for half an hour in 30 degrees celcius heat without a problem. Now you can’t do that with an English!

What’s The Temperament Of An Aussie Bulldog?

As far as genetics are concerned they do not have any biologically reasons to be aggressive. In fact most are the total opposite. Our Aussie Bulldog is a male and anytime he is challenged by another dog he runs and hides behind our legs. He is a sook!

Many people are shocked but they are not as big and scary as they look! Truly they love humans and other dogs. The temperament of an Aussie Bulldog is actually very kind and loving. After all they are made up of mostly English Bulldog. Commonly known as one of the most loving and loyal breeds in the world.

The only risk you run of having a genetically aggressive Australian Bulldog is if it was mixed with another breed. Such as an English Bulldog with a Doberman Pinscher. Technically this could still be called an Aussie Bulldog as the breed is not officially listed yet. Meaning they have not locked in it must be an English x X breed. When this has happened it will be listed with the ANKC and you will know for sure what “Aussie Bulldog” must be bred with.

So really anything crossed with a English could be classed as an Aussie. It’s important to do your research which breed the dog was mixed with to know its temperament should be.

Are Aussie Bulldogs Ok To Have Around Your Kids?

Absolutely Aussie Bulldogs are ok to have around the kids. Unless the dog has shown any concerning signs of aggression before there is no reason to treat it any differently than any other breed dog.

The same key points of having your dogs around kids would still apply though-

  • Supervise. Kids always need constant, close supervision when near dogs. During play children must be gentle with dogs.
  • Teach children not to disturb the dog when its eating or sleeping. Leave the dog alone when it lifts its lips, backs away, growls, stares are you or the hair raises on the dogs back or neck.
  • Teach children not to approach a dog they don’t know. Looking friendly does not mean it is. Always ask the owner for permission before patting or approaching the dog.
  • Pat dogs calmly and slowly.
  • If a child is approached by a dog they do not know. It’s best to teach them in advance to stand still with their arms by their side. Also do not run or stare in the dogs eyes as this can “challenge” the dogs authority.

Basically you would not apply any special rules when having an Aussie Bulldog around your kids than you would another breed. They are very loving by nature and again to come back to our own Aussie he LOVES kids. The only risk he poses to them is kissing them where it’s unwanted and possibly knocking them over. Taco is 25kg but sometimes gets a bit excited and doesn’t realise how strong he is.

How To Avoid My Aussie Bulldog Becoming Aggressive?

The most important 2 things are basic obedience and socialisation. 

The breed itself are not aggressive by nature so you do not need to take any extreme steps. Unless you are getting an older dog and it has already shown signs of aggression and you are trying to un teach that behaviour.

For the most of you searching this information though you are considering getting an Aussie puppy. In this instance teaching the dog obedience is absolutely crucial. Start young and teach the dog to sit, drop, stay and leave it. These commands are fantastic in teaching your dog to not only be calm but also respect your position in the pack. 

You need to be the pack leader so your dog doesn’t just love you but they respect you.

The other incredibly important thing to do with your Aussie Bulldog is to socialise them. This is the same will all dogs. While the dog is young you need to get it out and about meeting other friendly dogs and people. The importance of this is it teaches the dog that other dogs are friends and they are not going to hurt them.

Important: It’s crucial when socialising your dog as a puppy that you know the other dogs you are introducing it to. You do not want to introduce your dog to another aggressive dog young as it will remember it. Dogs remember what they went through at a young age. If the interaction was bad your dog may think other dogs are bad guys too. Please be careful to introduce your dog only to other known friendly dogs.


Aussie Bulldogs make absolutely fantastic pets for people with and without kids. They are not aggressive by nature at all and actually have a great temperament depending on what breed they are mixed with. Be sure to check what breeds make up your Aussie Bulldog though. Until they are registered with ANKC technically any breed mixed with a British can be called an Aussie Bulldog.
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