About Us


Swanky Paws is proud to be 100% Australian Owned and Made with a focus on exclusive dog accessories to create fashion the world has not seen before. Furthermore we are proud to have highly skilled seamstresses that are capable of bringing any custom outfit to life. Too bling or custom does not exist we can do anything you dream for your doggo we even use genuine Swarovski Crystals!

Swanky Paws started in March 2019 our lives were turned upside down when our fashionable french bulldog developed spinal issues.

We found ourselves constantly taking days off work and needing vet visits and dog sitters etc. So we looked for a way to work from home to take better care of her when the idea came up of selling the custom dog outfits and accessories we were already creating for our dogs as a hobby and turn it in to a business!

With a humble beginning of creating our products ourselves we now have a team of 4 seamstresses that create the amazing hand made products you all enjoy today. Every single product is ethically manufactured right here in Australia with the highest quality fabrics and bling supporting all our AMAZING hard working seamstresses!

Our range started off with just bows and bandanas but has since progressed to just about everything including dog harness, collars, chest harnesses, hoodies and even custom made outfits like couture dog dresses.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality dog accessories for Australia and the rest of the world to enjoy and we value the importance of quality made products.

We take on any project and love to be challenged so if you have any questions at all or need advice on how to build your dream custom outfit don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly staff.

For all dog accessories wholesale enquiries please email info@swankypaws.com.au and for general enquiries either call 0413 495 054, email info@swankypaws.com.au or simply message on the little chat box at the bottom right of screen.

Also for all purchases please enjoy site wide free shipping Aus Wide